Councelling and Care Advice.
Date: 11th july 2013.

Seminar on Health and Diet.
Date:25th july 2013.

Structure of HIV Virus

  • Hiv is a spherical, enveloped virus ,about 90-120 nm in size consisting of nucelocapsid and envelope.
  • Envelope: It is the outer covering which consists of lipid derived from the host cell membrane and glycoproteins which are virus coded.
  • Glycoproteins: The major virus-coded envelope proteins are the projecting knoblike spikes on the surface(gp120) and the anchoring transmembrance pedicles (gp41) . The spikes constitue the major surface component of the virus, Which binds to the CD4 receptors on susceptible host cells. Transmembrane pedicles cause cell fusion.
  • Nucleocapsid:The nucleocapsid has an outer icosahedral shell and an inner cone-shaped core, enclosing the ribonucleoproteins.
  • Genome:The genome is diploid,composed of two identical single-straned ,RNA copies.