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Date: 11th july 2013.

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Specific tests for HIV infection

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These include demonstration of HIV , its antigens or other components & antibodies & isolation of the virus.

  1. Antigen detection: Infection , as by blood transfucion,the virus antigens may be detectable in blood after about two weeks . The major core antigen,p24 , is the earliest virus marker to appear in blood and is the one tested for. IgM antibodies appear in about 4-6 weeks, to be followed by lgG antibodies.
  2. Hiv RNA Copies:
    • This is the measurment of serum or plasma levels of HIV RNA.
    • Measure number of copies of HIVRNA per milliter of serum or plasma.
    • Can detect as few as 40-50 copies/ml.
    • Done at the time of diagnosis and every 3-6 months.
  3. Antibody detection: Demonstration of antibodies is the simplest and most widely employed technique for the diagnosis of HIV infection . it may take 2-8 weeks to months for antibodies to appear after infection, and during part of this period , the individual may be highly infectious. This seronegative infective stage is known as the " Window period" . infection can be dected during the window period by p24 assay.

Elisa Test

  • Standard screening test
  • Simple & relatively inexpensive
  • Contains antigen from both HIV-1,HIV-2

Other Test Test

  • HIV resistance testing
  • Co-receptor tropism assay: for CCR5 tropic virus