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Date: 11th july 2013.

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Date:25th july 2013.

Immunological Test : The following parameters help to establish immunodeficiency in HIV infection:

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  • Total leucocyte & lymphocyte count to demonstrate leucopenia.
  • T cell subset assays.
    • CD4+ T cell count . Once the peripheral CD4 T cell count falls below 200/mm3 , there is an increasing risk of opportunistic diseases.
    • T4:T8 cell ratio is reversed.
  • Platelet count will show thrombocytopenia.
  • Raised IgG & IgA levels.
Immunological TestSignificance
Total leucocyte countDecreased
CD4+ T cell countDecreased
T4:T8 cell ratioReversed
Platelet countDecreased
Immunoglobulins Raised lgG and lgA levels