Councelling and Care Advice.
Date: 11th july 2013.

Seminar on Health and Diet.
Date:25th july 2013.


  1. What is HIV ?
  • Hiv means "Human immunodeficiency virus". It infects the immune system of the body. Immune System is a system of our body , which protects us from infections. This defense mechanism of the body identifies vectors or external attackers such as viruses, bacteria, etc. and then assassinate them. HIV is a virus,that attacks the immune system, particularly on CD-4 cells and destroys them. These cells help to protect the body from various diseases.
  1. What is AIDS ?
  • Aids means "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome", so AIDS is not a single disease, but refers to a group of diseases, that HIV-infected individuals who take the time to wrap his/her when his/her immuno gradually ends.
  1. What is difference between HIV and AIDS?
  • HIV is a virus . AIDS is a physical condition caused by this virus. AIDS can be diagnosed on the basis of certain blood tests.

    The following side effects occurred when a person has AIDS:
  • Normal or mild infection in the body is no longer capable of resisting.
  • The person often feels ill and is constantly weaker.
  • The person seems to be a smooth transition, which range from minor colds, tuberculosis, diarrhea fungal infections etc, there may be more serious infections. The low immunization manage the transition easily overpower the person .